Library Board

Regular Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 3:45pm in the Share Conference Room at the Alva Public Library.


  • Chris Eckhardt

  • Lenny Reed

  • Lynn Wilt

  • Marilyn Clyne

  • April Ridgway

  • Patty Harkin

  • Taylor Dowling (City Council Rep)

Oklahoma Library Laws, Rules and Regulations

This is an unofficial compilation of links leading to sections of the Oklahoma Constitution, Oklahoma Statutes (primarily Title 65) and Oklahoma Administrative Code (primarily Titles 60 and 405) relating to operation of the Library. It does NOT include all statutes, rules, ordinances, or bylaws that may apply to a specific situation. It is intended as a convenient reference, not as a replacement for the official versions of these publications. It should not be substituted for advice of legal counsel. This information is being provided to comply with the Oklahoma Government Website Information Act (House Bill No 2698, 2010).

Note the following explanations of citation abbreviations:

O.S. = Oklahoma Statutes
Okla. Const. = Oklahoma Constitution
OAC = Oklahoma Administrative Code

For more information on laws, rules and regulations that impact all types of public libraries and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL), visit Laws and Regulations Affecting Oklahoma Libraries on the ODL website.

Alva Public Library Board Meeting Notices and Meeting Minutes